Week 5 Link: Racism Towards Indigenous Women

Seeing the headline Number of missing and murdered indigenous women higher than thought: Bennett angers me. I don’t understand why society specifically targets a certain group of people. Our best estimates of how many aboriginal women are missing or murdered is nowhere close to the actual number. Discrimination exists everywhere. Despite what some people may think, there is racism in Canada. As time goes on, these issues only seem to grow and get out of hand.


6 thoughts on “Week 5 Link: Racism Towards Indigenous Women

  1. I feel your frustration so deeply. The amount of discrimination in this country disgusts me, but what is even worse is, in this specific case, how the government worked to cover up the racism. Indigenous people have a right to this land and a right to respect, and the Canadian government has taken much too long to do anything about it.


  2. I completely agree. Some people seem to think racism doesn’t exist in Canada. I’m glad that our PM Trudeau has addressed the issue and promised to put forth efforts to investigate and solve these heinous crimes. Unlike Harper who barely acknowledged they were even occurring.


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