Week 5 Main Post: About Blogging

How can blogging and writing fit into the wider discourse of civic life?

I think blogging fosters a sense of community. It contributes to the wider discourse of civic life because normal, regular people are able to share their views or opinions. Platforms such as WordPress allow for anyone with an Internet connection to read, write, and blog. Blogging can galvanize people to support a worthy cause.

Blogging generates conversation about certain topics that aren’t discussed by traditional media outlets. A lot of bloggers don’t have an agenda to push, so they can report honestly about issues they care about.

How do you hope to contribute?

I hope to blog about social justice issues with clarity and brevity. Often times the academic and political world is full of jargon, which often leads to misunderstanding. I want use simple words, define my terms, and say what I need to in as little words as possible. That is I don’t want to be redundant or misleading.

I want to assist people who aren’t typically helped because they are regarded as different. Many indiciduals belong to part of the minority, so it’s easy to overlook their struggles. I hope that through blogging I can inform people about issues such as mental health or youth violence. Reading books, blogs, etc., is the first step in educating people and eliminating ignorance.

What’s your niche or angle?

I’m a student so I see issues from the perspective of someone who is still trying to figure out the world and my place in it. I strive to keep learning and encourage education. As a teenager I can relate to the issues this generation faces. Additionally I want to increase diversity and support differences.

I aim to connect with students and young adults especially. I feel like teenagers don’t always have their voices heard and as a result they feel powerless in making a difference.

Do other blogs, social media and less-formal media sites help you understand the city? Which ones, if so.

Yes, I love reading other blogs. Occasionally I’ll browse through blogTO to learn more about the city. I like their coverage of various subjects. I think the writing is easy to understand and the stories they cover are of interest.


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