Week 5 Secondary Post: Mute the Musical

On February 17th, I watched Mute the Musical at the Newmarket Theatre. York Regional Police invited the participants of their Voices Over Violence Contest to attend this event. They asked youth to enter a written or spoken word on bullying in hopes of hearing our voices. York Regional Police have also hosted other contests such as the Youth Film Festival to encourage police and community involvement in ending violence.

Mute was a 90 minute long show. It opens with Juliana, the new girl, coming to a prestigious performing arts high school. She is said to have this incredible voice, however, only her grandfather has heard her sing. When her grandfather dies, she loses her voice, thus being labelled “mute” and bullied by four other girls. Juliana has to overcome many obstacles in order to sing again.

I especially enjoyed the message behind the production. In the end, the bullied rises above her hardships and the bullies recognize that violence doesn’t solve anything. In fact, engaging in violence creates more problems, rather than solving them. Although it wasn’t a high-budget, high-scale production, the musical was still entertaining. More importantly, it sheds light on the important issues of youth violence and bullying.


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