Week 7 Link: 2016 Ontario Budget

This year the Ontario budget 2016 walks tightrope between aspirations of social justice and hard fiscal realities.

It’s concerning that the deficit is in the billions, but at least it’s projected to fall to about $5.7 billion at the end of March.

The Finance Minister, Charles Sousa, has said:

“We are doing a little better than the rest of Canada. We recognize the challenges that the global economy still has, there is uncertainty.”

I’m hopeful the government will continue to consider the budget while taking into account social justice issues plaguing the province. I’m afraid Ontario’s financial deficit will affect areas such as education or transit so much so that they can’t deliver on their promise of “free tuition”.


3 thoughts on “Week 7 Link: 2016 Ontario Budget

  1. Great article, I also wonder some of the same things you are wondering. Free tuition for lower income families is a great idea making education more accessible to more people, but it leaves us, as citizens, wondering how well it will work out compared to how great the idea is written down on paper, and how can the provinces finances truly afford this. Additionally, other areas of the budget seem blurry; the drive clean test will now be free, but who will actually be paying the mechanic is in question.


    1. Yep, what’s said now may not be what happens in the future. Also, some of these solutions and programs they’re implementing seem too good to be true. Good point.


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