Week 9 Secondary Post: “Paper Thin”

The “A4 Waist Challenge” has led to plenty of online controversy

The purported “challenge” 

has people checking to see if their waistline can be hidden behind the width of the paper: a span of approximately 8.3 inches, or 21 centimetres.

Being deemed a “challenge” encourages individuals to attempt it. Can a piece of A4 paper conceal their waistline? 

Unfortunately, this divides people into two groups. Those who can complete the “challenge” and those who can’t. Or those who are “paper thin” versus those who are not. If you’re someone who correlates “thin” with pretty or beautiful, then this “trend” calls people out in the wrong way. If that paper doesn’t hide your waistline, you’re less beautiful than everyone else who can. 

It sends the wrong message. 

And when this message reaches young boys and girls, it can cause disastrous consequences. 

Eating disorders are real. They’re on the rise. The “A4 Waist Challenge” will probably promote the wrong ideas, leading to life-threatening issues.  

The ‘paper thin’ trend originates from China, where it was described as a ‘fitness challenge’ by the state newspaper People’s Daily.

This “fitness challenge” to put it lightly doesn’t seem very realistic. Some may regard it as impossible. 

Worse what started as a “fitness challenge” has the potential to contribute to a lifetime of pain. 


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