Week 10 Main Post: Transit Crisis in Toronto

The more time I spend on the subway and bus, the more I realize there are issues with accessibility that isn’t easy to address.

For one, the price just keeps going up. As the price of tokens and tickets increase, accessibility decreases. Not everyone can afford to compensate for the costs of their commute. Sure, some individuals will continue to use the TTC regardless, but at some point, carpooling or biking when possible could become a cheaper alternative.

Another issue is the location of bus routes, subway lines, etc. There is a heavy concentration of transit options in the downtown core of Toronto, which is understandable but still a shame nonetheless. For those living in suburban or rural areas who need to take the subway or bus, they have a long commute before they can reach the first bus route and probably an even longer commute to find a subway line. I realize it’s impossible to have the TTC cover every part of the city, but as of right now, Toronto only has 4 subway lines and 11 streetcar routes, with 4 of them running at night. This coupled with the fare can be a major turn-off for potential and even present commuters.

Access to transit is not equal. However, it should be for both the rich and poor as well as those living downtown along with people residing in suburban neighbourhoods. If something doesn’t change soon, I feel as though the rich will become richer while the poor have little to no opportunity to prosper since they cannot even leave their community. And even if they can, they will still face a difficult commute. It is hard enough to meet basic survival needs while living under the poverty line. It’ll be even harder saving enough money to take a bus or train.

I believe the TTC can help in bridging the city to make it more accessible. They need to start freezing fare prices or even consider lowering them in order to allow a greater number of individuals to take public transportation. And expanding routes or lines in the future to other busy, populated areas outside of downtown Toronto will help passengers reach the subway or streetcar.


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