Week 11 Link: Real Estate Rights

Welcome to the jungle of Toronto’s real estate market, where buyers will do just about anything to get a property, despite the price.

I’ve always wanted to address the real estate industry because, at one point, I wanted to work in the industry. However, when I was younger, I didn’t realize how flawed it was. And how unjust the market can be to virgin or veteran home buyers.

The Greater Toronto Area’s notorious bidding wars, bullies and jaw-dropping offers propelled the region’s real estate market to a new high water mark for the first quarter of 2016.

Carolyn Ireland

What’s shocking is how much people are willing to pay for a house of their dreams.

In fact, according to The Globe and Mail article:

The average price of a detached house in the GTA hit $910,375 at the end of March.

I doubt many young first-time buyers have a million dollars lying around.

These prices continue to divide the rich from the poor.

Like Cathy Crowe once said

…shelter is also a human right.


But with some homes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or upwards of a million, this “human right” is becoming further out of reach.


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