Week 11 Secondary Post: Diverse Representation 

Mattel, the maker of the iconic plastic doll, said it will begin selling Barbie’s in three new body types — curvy, tall, and petite. She’ll also be available in seven skin tones, 22 eye colours and 24 hairstyles.

Joseph Pisani

It’s about time. 

Positive and diverse representation of people, especially women, should have happened ages ago. 

The same doll with the same features doesn’t do justice to the infinite differences among human beings. We don’t all look the same, do we? 

Instead of judging others for their appearance, we should accept that people look different. 

What’s more, the media tends to portray women in an unrealistic manner. Because of that, standards for women have been set increasingly high. Society pigeonholes girls by labelling them and regarding members of this sex through binaries. 

You’re kind. Or rude. You’re beautiful. Or unattractive. You’re successful. Or failing. 

And what’s with the limited portrayal of minority women in movies, TV shows, etc? 

American productions have been notorious for casting “thin” Cacuasian females with “good looks”. But that doesn’t mean Canadian companies are doing any better. 

Even though hair styles are easy to change, aspects such as skin colour aren’t. 

I hope these new dolls is a start in addressing issues with gender stereotyping and representation. 


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