Week 12 Secondary Post: Blog Posts

Favourite blog post I wrote: Week 11 Main Post: Reimagining Public and Private Space

Besides, have you experienced the weather in Toronto?

I enjoyed framing the questions and answering them accordingly. For that week’s post, I initially had a different idea, started a draft, but then scrapped it because I wasn’t happy. However, I am happy with how the final piece turned out. In retrospect, I think I held myself back a lot during the course of this semester. However, in this second to last week, I felt like more of my own voice came out. As a writer, that’s all I ask for.

Most challenging blog post I wrote: Week 2 Secondary Post: Bell Let’s Talk

I love that Bell Let’s Talk starts the conversation. All I ask is that we continue the conversation long after today is over.

Mental health anything is tough enough to talk about. And it’s even harder when the issue hits close to home.

Favourite blog post a classmate wrote: Week 11 Secondary Blog: Authorship in the News

In fiction, editors serve the writer, in the news, the writers serve the publication.

I feel her frustration. In my experience, editors often make changes without consulting writers. And reading something under my name even though the article sounds nothing like what I would ever say doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve come to accept that this will happen when you write for someone else. The writing world isn’t perfect, but I want to be a part of it regardless or maybe because of its flaws.


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