Week 12 Comment: Creative Compensation

Shayla’s post: Week 12 Main Post: Go Forth and Blog

My comment: I agree with your list. When people first start writing and blogging though, they are going to put in a lot of time without getting paid for it. But I doubt anyone can sustain a life where they work for free. That would be “hell”. Sometimes working without financial compensation can be a tough call to make. I guess so long as you’re doing what you love on your own terms, there’s value in everything you do. 


Week 11 Comment: TTC Ridership

Arjaan’s post: Week 9 Secondary Post: Mind the Gap

My comment:You raise a good solution to the TTC declining ridership problem. They need to look into improving common concerns and issues. I think you’re right in that people are seeking other alternatives for their commute. The public transportation system isn’t exactly the most efficient and effective. Also, I feel as though fare evasion stems from the high price, so raising the cost to ride the bus or subway isn’t going to help ridership. It’ll be interesting to see what the TTC does in the future to address and fix the decline.  

Week 10 Comment: Transit Accessibility

Morgan’s post: Week 10 Main Blog: Bridging the City

My comment: I wish the city had more transit options that were easily accessible for people outside of the downtown area. Although I understand that because the population is heavily concentrated in certain districts in Toronto, it makes more sense to have streetcars or buses in some areas and not others. Another issue with accessibility arises with the fares. Perhaps the price is another factor in the divide. Poorer communities cannot afford to take the TTC every day, so the company reasons why have routes if people won’t use them because it’s too costly.

Week 9 Comment: Workplace Discrimination

Bre’s post: Week 8 Secondary Blog: Bypassing Discrimination in the Hiring Process

My comment: It is such a shame that employers discriminate. Although many do it subconsciously, without realizing it, plenty of others intentionally make an unfair decision based on factors people can’t change like race or age. Also anything from the hiring process to the rate at which one is promoted or not promoted plays into whether the person is attractive, capable, etc. I think you are right in that we tend to overlook ableism. Unfortunately, the most qualified candidate isn’t always hired.


Week 8 Comment: Coach House Press

Melissa’s post: Week 8 Main Blog: A Virtual Tour (Pt. 1)

My comment: I really enjoyed this virtual tour you recreated of our downtown Toronto walk. I like that you bring up past or current issues in relation to some of these places and the implications associated with them. I was especially interested in learning more about the Coach House Press. It’s unfortunate that the company has struggled and occasionally breaks even. It says a lot about society when the government cuts funding for publishing houses or other similar enterprises.

Week 7 Comment: WordPress and Twitter

Lily’s post: Week 5 Main Blog: Blogging About Blogging

My comment: Well said. I especially like your analogy about blogging being a cup of coffee and tweeting like a shot of espresso. It’s fascinating to see how many writers and bloggers are also “Tweeters”. Twitter with its 140 character limit forces people to be more concise with their Tweets while WordPress allows for longer, more in-depth posts. As a result, I think both WordPress and Twitter are great platforms with different yet similar purposes.

Week 6 Comment: The Internet’s Effect on Activism

Solomon’s post: Week 4 Link: Sorry, Walmart

My comment: You are right in that the internet has revolutionized activism and advocacy. Social media especially enhances the way we communicate and express ourselves. It’s nice to see every day people get involved with causes they care about or be able to voice their opinion. I can only imagine how different it was back then. Unfortunately, not all petitions have had major success, but at least with this one, the developer decided to listen to the people by backing off. This is one instance where the community is speaking and those in control are listening.