Week 6 Secondary Post: Another Death After Apartment Fire

fourth person dies after Scarborough TCHC apartment fire.

It’s been confirmed that a fourth person has passed away. The residence was for the elderly so the other three deaths were seniors as well.

Nearly twenty people living in the apartment were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries as a result of the fire.

This brings up issues regarding community housing such as whether they are complying with safety regulations and rules.

Officials noted that:

“Toronto Community Housing Corporation was being charged for having combustible materials near an exit.”

While the corporation could be fined for this violation, I believe this isn’t an effective punishment since it likely won’t enact any change. Although TCHC may be more careful next time, chances are residents don’t feel safe. If anything they’re feeling more and more anxious with community housing.


Week 2 Link: Toronto Community Housing

The article sheds light on the current issues Toronto Community Housing residents face while outlining the city’s plans for the future. It’s evident that there has been improvement over the years, but there is still room for more to be done.